Hope This Works!!!

okay, so last night my sweet friend Katrin from @Running With the Devil(ed) Eggs gave me the Liebster Blog award!!! Yay! At first I was so excited then my excitement turned to fear! This award comes with some rules that involves typing this post on my blog, so here I sit typing hoping this works! I apologize in advance if this isn’t right but all me techies are at school and work so I’m flying solo!!
So, First rule is to link the award back to the person that gave it to you HMMMMM! I don’t know how to do that so Katrin pretend i did. HAHA
Second pass it on to 5 others, really just 5?? Oh the anxiety this is giving me.
1) @Food is Love because Laurie was one of the first to help when I started this crazy idea
2) @Farmers wife for being supportive when I asked questions at the beginning also
3)@Betty’s Kitchen Adventures because I love her page and ideas
4)@Cooking with Mel for all the help and delish pictures and recipes
5) @Simply Gourmet Photography because her pictures are beautiful
There are so many more….. but the rules were 5!
I hope this works!! I need a cocktail now!:)


4 thoughts on “Hope This Works!!!

  1. Thank you so much Amy, You are so sweet! I loved all of your fabulous comments and interaction with my facebook page and it is a Pleasure making sure you feel comfortable in our Foodie Community! It’s been Great! Thanks again for the Award!

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