I cook to feed my family and friends. I bake from my HEART. I am the Domestic engineer of my house or some would call it a stay at home mom. I have 1 WONDERFUL son that I call Boy Wonder!! I love to create cake flavors but I also cook. I started this blog as away to save my recipes and to stay out of trouble. I hope you find something here you like if not that’s okay I realize I can’t please everyone

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I just have to say, I am a Recipe Guru and have hundreds of books, websites etc but yours are absolutely mouthwatering!
    Not only that but all my favorites in one place! I only wish you updated emails when a new recipe came out so we don’t lose track of you. That double berry pie will be the first one I try. My fave of all time and yours is as close to my Grammas and as pretty as Ive seen.


  2. just joined your page and seen you recipes. omg I love them. and I am glad to be on your site. . your recipes are amazing. wow

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